Darwin's slimehead (Gephyroberyx darwinii)

Photo Credit: S.W. Ross and M. Rhode (UNCW)

Description: Although its name isn’t appetizing, this roughy species is delicious. It’s not regularly harvested commercially in the U.S. because it’s not very abundant; when caught, it is usually as a bycatch in the tilefish fishery. The world record Darwin’s slimehead weighed in at 7 pounds 8 ounces and was caught off Virginia Beach, Virgina.

Geographic Distribution

Figure 1: Relative probability of occurrence of Darwin's slimehead (Gephyroberyx darwinii) based on computer generated distribution maps. Data source: Aquamaps

Depth Profile

Figure 2: Approximate depth range of Darwin's slimehead (black box). Slope of seafloor is a generalized representation of the Gulf of Mexico shelf and outer continental shelf.