Barrelfish (Hyperoglyphe perciformis)

Photo Credit: S.W. Ross and M. Rhode (UNCW)

Description: Young barrelfish occur at the surface of the ocean, often taking shelter under floating plants or debris, but adults occupy the deep waters near the bottom of the ocean. Barrelfish, which can grow up to 3 feet long, are often seen in schools. They are harvested commercially, primarily as bycatch in the grouper longline fishery, and are quite delicious.

Geographic Distribution

Figure 1: Relative probability of occurrence of Barrelfish (Hyperoglyphe perciformis) based on computer generated distribution maps. Data source: Aquamaps

Depth Profile

Figure 2: Approximate depth range of Barrelfish (black box). Slope of seafloor is a generalized representation of the Gulf of Mexico shelf and outer continental shelf.